The Most Amazing Paris Hotels

Here are some of the most amazing Paris hotels that you can consider on your visit:

 Bergere Opera Hotel

Bergere Opera Hotel is a great hotel if you are interested in a luxurious 5-star hotel which can provide you the best glimpse as to what Paris has to offer. It is situated in a very strategic location where you can have easy access to local attractions and shops. It has an antique exterior design, but entering the rooms, you can experience an elegant feel with its simple features. See Bergere Opera Hotel

Amarante Beau Manoir Hotel

Amarante Beau Manoir Hotel is included among the top 20 Paris hotels. This hotel has six stories and is surrounded with other hotels and great places for entertainment. It comes with a 1900’s design which gives the entire hotel a very authentic feel. If Paris is your first Europe stop, this hotel opens the door to real European architecture. See Amarante Beau Manoir Hotel

Meurice Hotel

This amazing hotel is located overlooking Jardin des Tuileries, and near Rue de Rivoli, making it a standout compared to other hotels.  Meurice Hotel comes with world class interiors with its exclusive combination of the use of marble, gold and glass which is great to watch. The interiors, including the rooms are made with ethnic furnishings, giving you an 18th-century feel.

Lancaster Hotel

Lancaster hotel is one of the best hotels in Paris as it offers world class accommodation as well as in-room entertainment. Because of its luxurious feel, a lot of celebrities accommodate here. It also boasts of traditional furniture with a red leather lift going to the rooms. Even the restaurant offers a delectable menu that will certainly satisfy your cravings for Parisian delicacies. See Lancaster hotel

Ritz Carlton Hotel

What makes this luxurious hotel different from others is that in terms of prestige, legendary past and tradition, Ritz Carlton hotel is at its best. This hotel palace is situated on the stunning Place Vendome, which is just a walking distance away most of the city’s shopping centers and historical monuments. It houses several elegantly decorated rooms with themed suites such as Windsor, Coco Chanel as well as Imperial. For your next visit in Paris, consider pampering yourself with a nice accommodation. See Ritz Carlton Hotel

Before booking your hotel in Paris, it is advisable to search for a good deal in order to experience the best travel ever. Every year, a lot of tourists visit Paris for a once in a lifetime romantic getaway. Aside from that, they also want to experience fun and culture that only Paris can offer. Paris hotels can offer you a wonderful experience with world class services and amenities that will surely make you feel the worth of every penny spent.

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